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yyyyYEA im doing it!!!!!! ;;;;;; winner will get a set of keychains (one tiz, one ringabel, one agnes, one edea; mix&match with any of these 5 jobs)

heres a really crummy photo of a prototype keychain, the final product will be a little different:
imagehow to enter:
-1 reblog/person, likes dont count (no giveaway blogs?!)
-you gotta be okay with sending me your address so i can mail it to you lol
-IN THE TAGS… (this is mandatory to enter) you gotta specify which jobs you want for all 4 characters so ill know which ones to send you

for example, it should look like: #tiz!freelancer/ ringabel!monk/ agnes!whitemage/ edea!blackmage

the contest will end on the 29th, please have your inboxes open!!!


The Oracles!

"Oracle of Ages/Season/Secrets" by MGabric


They are cute…. _(:3_)_

Kingdom Hearts - Yuffie Kisaragi

Cosplay by me, photos by my boyfriend at AFO 2014!


Kid - by たまぴ


New pictures from Bravely Second 

Bravely Second
Agnès Oblige and Magnolia Arch

Harle. Pictures to be used as sidebar.

Request by : impysrevelation

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